Gran amigo y Profesor Rodolfo. Uno de los primeros y mejores exponente de mambo on2 en Santiago de Chile, dedicado 100% a trasmitir todos sus conocimiento y difundir su pasión, El baile. Clases de lunes a viernes y si se podía , los sábados también.Presentaciones , clases y talleres dedicados a la salsa. Marcaste diferencias con tu estilo y energía y siempre llevando tus clases a un nivel más alto. Pocos y hasta ahora el único que la salsa lo pudo llevar de Chile al mundo. Grande Rodolfo………..the big boss!! Saludos Man.

Marcelo OliveraFormer studentSantiago, Chile

I am Dj Willy and I am travelling a lot to salsafestivals where I see lots of professional dancers perform. I can tell you that Rodolfo is a very talented dancer who puts a lot of energy on the dancefloor and on stage. He is a great person takes good care of his dancepartner. I like to watch him dance and improvising on the music. Keep up the positive energy Rodolfo! Humphrey Willemzorg, Mar 7 2013 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Humphrey Willemzorg, DJ WillyLeading Salsa Djay, National and InternationalAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Rodolfo is one of the most graceful and stylish dancers i have seen, and worked with as a fellow teacher and as a fellow performer. we shared allot of knowledge about teaching and on how students think and what they want now a days (nothing bad people hahaha). For me he is another great representative for the Dutch salsa scene, but he will do that where ever he goes.

Patrick MussendijkLeading salsa instructor, choreographer and performer, director Guateque dance companyAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Rodolfo, thank you so much for the PACHANGA classes! It is fun, it is challenging, and it is different. I am impressed with your patience and ability to break down those moves so that we all get it. I also appreciate the great vibe during your classes: never a dull moment, always 100% going for it and having fun at the same time. My kind of instructor 😉

Tatiana KalininaStudent, member of Cachevere dance companyAmsterdam, The Netherlands

As someone who’s been dancing over 10 years in The Netherlands, I’m used to good, skilled dancers. But Rodolfo is something else! He’s so creative and fast that I have to be on my best when I dance with him. I love dancing with Rodolfo; not only because he is an excellent lead but he’s also a perfect gentleman on the dance floor. And what more can a salsera wish for. :))

Gulsen senSocial dancer, Organiser, Owner at OnlineSalsaTickets.comAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Recuerdo claramente, en Santiago de Chile, puntualmente en la calle Serrano, ver a un joven instructor talentoso, dedicado y muy perseverante dando todo con tal de cumplir su sueño. En cada giro, en cada movimiento dejaba claro el nivel de experiencia… y por supuesto “el SWIN que muchos quisieran tener”, hoy desde este punto tan lejano me da gusto ver lo que has logrado y créeme que me encantaría tener una clase más!!!! feliz de tus logros y felicitando a tus alumnos que sin duda marcan la diferencia. FELICITACIONES y pa’lante siempre… con cariño desde el otro lado del mapa.

Mayerlin RiosFormer studentSantiago, Chile

I have pleasure to learn salsa from Rodolfo for over 2 years. He is a great versatile dance teacher and a real professional in whatever classes you taking with him. His classes are always relaxed and easy going, and no matter if you are there to be entertained or aim to improve, he feels exactly what your goal is, but a good time and a personal feedback are guaranteed. His attention to details is a key part because now and then a different step or a hand grip separates you from having a combination done correctly – he will notice it and correct what is needed. If you are up for private or small group classes intended to cover certain dance aspect he is a teacher you can easily arrange it with. Thank you for the great work, constant encouragement and patience!

Vitaly ShmelevStudent, Member of Cachevere dance companyAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Rodolfo is a great dancer and teacher. love his dancestyle and sense of humor.

Lola Per VonFormer StudentAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Rodolfo un gran amigo y mi primer profeso de mambo on 2 en Chile, siempre agradecida de sus enseñanzas, y de su entrega por la pasión por el baile, características que se recuerdan en nuestro pais ademas por ser uno de los pioneros en este estilo

Natacha GodoyFormer Student, Director at Danzarte Expresiones ArtisticasSantiago, Chile

This guy is very unique and authentic. I love his style and way of teaching. Raw but yet elegant, definitely one of my favourite instructors in Holland

Sam Asgar (Shamir)StudentAlmere-Stad, Flevoland, The Netherlands